Many people still believe that the lasting solution to homelessness is simply to provide more shelter beds. Although our agencies homeless shelters and others across the State of Maine provide a crucial service to homeless individuals and families, part of the long-term solution to homelessness is the development of more affordable housing. In addition to safe and affordable housing, another key component to assist families in becoming economically self-sufficient is the provision of supportive services.

At Rumford Group Homes, Inc., we have developed housing programs to provide a safe and stable living environment to individuals and families who are leaving shelter. All tenants have access to community case management services and someone to help them develop skills to promote independence. These skills are what will prevent a family from becoming homeless again. The goal of our supportive housing services is to combine safe, stable housing with supportive services based on the needs of each family.


This four-unit apartment building consists of two 3-bedroom units with approximately 1,400 square feet; one 2-bedroom unit with approximately 1,200 square feet; and one 1-bedroom unit with approximately 1,000 square feet. An office is located on site for staff who provide supportive services to the participants in the program.

Pinewoods serves four families at a time. The major goals of the program are 1) to help families/individuals maintain and sustain safe and affordable housing 2) to secure a stable income and 3) to work on issues that may have led to homelessness. Children attend the local school district. The ultimate goal for all clients living in this apartment complex is to move closer to independent living and maintain permanent housing. This housing can be at Pinewoods, where the length of stay is indefinite, or tenants are assisted in securing other permanent housing of their choice, such as becoming a first time home owner. Staff will work with participants with these goals in mind.

In addition to providing housing, Rumford Group Homes, Inc. provides supportive services to participants in the program. Services may include individual/family case management to access existing mainstreamed resources, mental health and substance abuse services as well as life skills groups. Life skills groups may focus on issues such as job preparation and placement, budgeting, nutrition and cooking skills, apartment maintenance, goal setting, and other topics needed for independent living depending on the needs of participants.

The targeted population is homeless individuals and families that are located in Oxford County.

To make a referral, please call (207) 743-6363.

Washington St.

Located in a historic section of Rumford, our Washington Street housing provides a 2-bedroom apartment and a 3-bedroom apartment with laundry facilities to families who are leaving shelters. This spacious and newly remodeled facility offers comfortable living accommodations with all of the modern conveniences.

Tenants here receive supportive services to continue working on the goals they started developing in the shelter. Often these goals include finding a job, completing school, managing finances, counseling, and parenting support and education.

The targeted population is homeless individuals and families that are located in Oxford County.

To make a referral, please call (207) 364-3551.


Franklin St.

Our Franklin Street housing program is located in Rumford and offers 2-three bedroom apartments and one 1-bedroom unit with laundry facilities for formerly homeless families and individuals. The units have project-based vouchers, which means the housing voucher is tied to the unit, making it faster for families seeking housing to move in since they don’t have to remain on the wait list for a Housing Choice Voucher.

Families in our Franklin Street program are eligible for on-going case management services and receive assistance to continue their journey to self-sufficiency.

The targeted population is homeless individuals and families that are located in Oxford County.

To make a referral, please call (207) 364-3551.