Emergency Shelters

“Supporting people through life’s challenges and transitions.”


Rumford Group Homes, Inc. offers three emergency shelter programs in Oxford County to serve homeless individuals and families. Homelessness is not an easy problem to solve and the lack of affordable housing, reliable transportation, and the scarce job market in Oxford County are all contributing factors. The majority of the individuals and families who stay in our shelters face three major barriers: lack of sufficient income, lack of access to affordable housing, and family and personal struggles such as a mental health diagnosis, illness or job loss.


The mission of our shelter programs is to provide a safe haven for homeless individuals and families while allowing them the dignity and respect they deserve. We aim to restore hope and give them assurance that someone cares. We do this by providing a safe and warm place to sleep at night and offering supportive services to help people move to self-sufficiency and stability.


Our shelter programs are designed to help homeless individuals and families to help themselves by securing safe and affordable housing, increasing their income by locating employment, and helping to resolve the issues that led to homelessness. Our shelters and dedicated staff offer guests the opportunity to stabilize their immediate crisis, identify the patterns that lead to cycles of homelessness, and develop long-term strategies for economic self-sufficiency and breaking the cycle.


·       Our shelters are open 24 hours a day.

·       Safe and stable environments

·       Clean living space with linens, blankets, and assistance with food, clothing, and hygiene items

·       Case Management services

·       Referrals to services including health care, mental health services, substance abuse services, and community services

·       Supportive Aftercare services to continue to help families work on goals after they leave the shelter


In order to be eligible for shelter services, an individual must be homeless and the head of household must be over the age of 18 unless emancipated. Guests must be able to live independently, willing to supervise their own children, and willing to follow shelter rules and expectations. Our shelters are all drug free and alcohol free.

Equal Opportunity Policy

​​​RGH, Inc. believes that discrimination on the basis of sex, religion, race, color, age, sexual preference or national origin is in direct conflict with the agency's goals and purposes. Therefore, RGH, . will endeavor to serve all persons who seek assistance. It should be noted, however, that not all locations at RGH, Inc. are handicapped accessible nor is the agency a hospital, nursing home or convalescent center. Hence, it may be necessary to refuse services to persons who are not ambulatory or who are too ill or infirm to care for themselves. Whenever possible agency staff will refer clients to the most appropriate level of care and to other shelters that may be handicapped accessible.

Family  Center and Monier Family Center

The Rumford Family Center is a 15-bed shelter for homeless individuals and families, located in a historic neighborhood within walking distance of community amenities. There are six bedrooms in this three story home, with staff offices on site for supportive services.

The Monier Family Center, named after the agency's former Executive Director, is a 14-bed emergency shelter for homeless individuals and families, located in Rumford, close to downtown amenities. There are four bedrooms in this family home.

To make a referral, please call (207) 369-9439.

Norway Family Center

​​The Norway Family Center is a 15-bed emergency shelter for homeless women and children. It is located in a 4-bedroom house in a residential neighborhood in Norway, Maine. There is an on-site staff office where guests can meet with case managers to develop goals to get to stable housing and become economically independent.

To make a referral, please call (207) 743-6363.

At Rumford Group Homes, Inc., we participate in the Homeless Management Information System

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