Housing Navigator Services



Rumford Group Homes, Inc., in partnership with MaineHousing, is proud to offer Housing Navigatorvices for individuals and families who are homeless and seeking permanent housing. 


Program participants work with a trained Housing Navigator to assist them in learning and gaining valuable skills that will meet their health, housing, employment and other basic needs in order to overcome barriers to obtaining and maintaining housing. Housing Navigators help program participants to develop and work on goals as part of a Housing Stability Plan designed to assist participants to achieve housing stability and to connect them with appropriate services and support.

For program participants a Navigator will assist with such things as:

  • Assessment of housing barriers, needs, and preferences

  • Develop an Action Plan for locating housing

  • Housing search including assistance with submitting rental applications, understanding leases and outreach to and negotiation with owners

  • Assistance with obtaining utilities and making moving arrangements

  • Resource coordination to include developing, securing, and coordinating services and obtaining federal, state, and local benefits

  • Information and referrals to other providers

  • Long term housing stability planning including developing an individualized housing and service plan outlining a plan to accomplish permanent housing stability

  • Credit and budget counseling necessary to assist with critical skills related to household budgeting, managing money, accessing a free personal credit report, and resolving personal credit problems

  • Renter education program curriculum consisting of: landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities, maintenance and care of your home, standards of cleanliness, and planning a move 


Am I Eligible?


Stability Through Engagement Program (STEP) – Individuals and families may be eligible to receive temporary rental assistance, for a maximum of 12 months, through STEP if they meet the following requirements:

  • Must be homeless.

  • Must be enrolled and participating in Navigator Services with an approved Housing Stability Plan.

  • Must create a household budget and set viable goals to ensure that they remain housed after program participation ends.

  • Must pay 30% of their adjusted income (or no less than $50) per month towards their rent.




Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) – Individuals and families may be eligible to receive housing assistance through a limited number of Housing Choice Vouchers. A housing choice voucher can be used in any type of private rental housing that passes a Housing Quality Inspection, meets certain program criteria and provided the owner accepts you as a tenant. HCV assistance would continue as long as a tenant meets program eligibility requirements.  

  • Must be homeless.

  • Must meet income limits.

  • Must be willing to sign a lease within MaineHousing’s jurisdiction.

  • Must pass criminal background screening.

  • Must be in good standing with other housing authorities.

  • Must be willing to pay up to 40% of their income towards rent.

  • Must be willing to allow MaineHousing to conduct annual Housing Quality Standards inspections.